Friday, February 17, 2012


Are you looking for a way to make money online, but you don't know if it is possible?

It is! And it is actually very easy with a website called Cashcrate.

Now, I'm sure you are thinking this is probably a scam, so I want to tell you about my own personal experience with the website, but more importantly, I want to encourage you to check it out yourself!

I first found Cashcrate in February 2009, when I stumbled upon it by accident. I was encouraged to start using it as soon as I started to read their user's forum on their own website. They had such a large user-base, and everyone seemed so genuinely happy and friendly. Especially Cashcrate's own forum administrators who actively post every day and answer all of their users questions.

Next, I was more encouraged when I saw just how risk-free it is to sign up. They don't ask for any personal information and it is always 100% free. All you need to give them is your mailing address so they know where to send your check each month.

Convinced, I decided to sign up and start working. The work is very easy, you fill out opinion surveys to aid in market research, and you sign up for various free trials and on websites for payouts ranging from 25 cents to several dollars or more. I started making money in no time, and by the end of my first month I had made $90!

If you are interested in trying it out, click on this yellow bar, or the green banner on the right:
By clicking on one of these boxes and signing up you will become my referral, I will be notified, and I will send you a personal message with my contact information so I can answer any questions you have, and help you get started.

Also take a look at this webpage where Cashcrate members post pictures of their actual checks!

Give it a try, there's nothing to lose!